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July 7, 2010

Client side fast compression library using javascript.

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In our startup, Nuwa Information, We are glad to open our works to open source community.

I wroten a client side compression library using javascript and LZJB algorithm.

It is very good to do compression data stuffs in browser. We release it to public.

You can link to for further details.

We use JsLZJB to compress HTML and submit it to our server to process. Our server side implementation, of course,  is Python. So we also release PyLZJB library:

We also hope that is helpful for you.


July 6, 2010

PyCaduceus: a embedable Python WSGI web server based on pion-net.

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I am glad to release my prior work in my startup: Nuwa Information.

PyCaduceus is a simple and lightweight WSGI web server that can be embeded in our projects. We use it as default development server and ship with our projects.

We decide to release some our works to open source community as feedback. PyCaduceus is first one.

If you are interested in it, please go for further details.

We hope that is helpful for you.

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